Top Questions

How much time should I set aside for my appointment?

Sessions will last 60mins or 90mins depending on what you have booked. This will include set up, set down, ongoing consultation and home care advice.
Please allow an extra 10mins or so for your very 1st appointment as you will need to fill out a comprehensive consultation form and we will spend some time discussing this in order to make sure the massage is appropriate and safe for you as well as establishing what areas I need to focus on etc.

Is my information kept confidential?

Yes. Your personal information is not shared with anyone else except in exceptional circumstances where I may be legally required to do so. The only other time information may be shared is with another practitioner in the case of a referral and then only with your consent.

How often should I book?

This is difficult to answer as it really does depend from person to person and the reason for the massage in the first place. This is something we will discuss at the end of the 1st session where I will be in a better position to advise on your individual situation and set out a treatment plan tailored to best suit your needs. This could range from  a suggestion of weekly sessions for a while to monthly maintenance sessions. However the decision will always be yours to make and I will work within what is comfortable for you.

Will the massage be painful?

Truthfully – at times yes this may well be the case. If you book a Remedial or Deep Tissue massage then its highly likely the session will be uncomfortable in places as these massages involve working the deeper layers of the muscles using elbows, forearms etc.
However everything will be done to within your tolerance level.

Is the therapist insured?

Yes. I have insurance through Holistic Insurance Services.
I also belong to two professional associations –
Association of Physical & Natural Therapists (APNT) and Complimentary Therapists Association (CthA).

Yes both cash and card are accepted.

I am a Vegan – what massage wax is used?

Do you accept cash & card payments?

I use an unscented wax made from beeswax.
I also have a vegan wax I can use. Please be sure to let me know before we begin the massage.

Will I need to provide anything for

my massage?

The great news is NO! I bring everything I need with me. All I need is some space to set up my massage couch and some space to work around it.

Will I need to take my clothes off?

If you are having Indian Head Massage or Natural Face Lift Massage then no as these massages are performed over clothes. (Unless you are having the Back, Neck and Shoulder combo massage).


For any other massage then yes as I will need to apply the massage wax to your skin in order to carry out the massage. However, you will be covered with towels throughout the massage and only the specific area I am working on will be exposed at any one time.