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New Working Protocol

Working together for safer treatment/session (updated on 12/08/2020)

I am so excited at being able to start offering massage again. I will do my very best to make sure out session is as safe as possible in order to protect you, your family, my other clients and myself whilst still being beneficial and fun.  As such there needs to be a new way of working which I will outline below. I have introduced these new protocols in order to make sure I comply with the government guidelines as well as to ensure our health and safety which is paramount. However, in order to do so, I will need your help. Please take a moment to read through the new way of working before you make an appointment. If you have any concerns or would like to discuss something further, please do contact me and we can iron out any concerns you may have.


I appreciate there is a lot of information and new ways to take in – but please do take the time to read through the information so you can be assured I am trying my very best to keep us all safe whilst enjoying what we love – massage!

General guidance for  safer treatment/session :-

  • Be well: Both of us and everyone in our household/support bubble are perfectly well, free from any COVID-19 symptoms, cold and/or flu, and not required to self-isolate for any reasons.

  • Pre-screening: COVID-19 related screening and consent form must be filled prior to your appointment every time.

  • Social distancing: Keep 1m plus distance where available such as before and after treatment.

  • Ventilation: Open a window to let fresh air flow through the room before and during your session if possible.

  • Reduced close contact: Your appointment will be a package of in-person and online (such as consultation, assessment and after care) to keep the close contact time as short as possible.

  • Elevated Hygiene: My high hygiene standards have been elevated, and extra time allowed between treatments.

  • Face Covering: Although  wearing a face covering is now a personal choice in England, I would ask you to wear a face covering before, during (except when you face down) and after treatment. If you are unable to wear one due to a medical condition please let me know in advance.

  • Hand washing: Wash your hands before and after treatment and avoid touching your face in between.

  • Communication: Let’s speak up when concern, suspicious symptoms, or anything rises in relation to your appointment.

  • Cancellation Policy: This will be looked at on an individual basis. Please do not worry. If we need to postpone your sessions because you are feeling unwell then you will not be charged a cancellation fee. Safety above all else.

*If you are not sure about self-isolation, please check NHS self-isolation guidelines.


Summary of what is included in this document:

  • New online/phone COVID 19 screening and consultation process

  • Wearing of PPE

  • Setting up and setting down of equipment process

  • Some new requests for clients – provide own towels and wear a mask (unless exempt)

  • New enhanced hygiene protocols

  • What you can expect from me – my daily checks


My checks on myself:

  • I will be doing Lateral Flow Tests twice a week.

PPE for hands-on treatment :-

Until advised differently by the government I will be wearing PPE whilst carrying out your massage. This is to protect us both by minimising the risk of COVID 19 transmission. This will take some getting used to on my behalf so please bear with me as I adjust into this new way of working.


This is what you can expect to see me wearing. Remember underneath all of this it will still be me!


  • Goggles: At times you may see me wearing goggles.

  • Mask: I will be wearing disposable 11R masks as recommended by Professional Associations. 

  • Apron: Initially I will be wearing disposable aprons. However in time – and if still required - I may change to a washable apron made from water resistant fabric apron 

  • Gloves: I will be wearing gloves whilst carrying out the massage.  Please let me know if you have any allergies to gloves.


PPE when working with those classed as clinically vulnerable extra precautions will be put in place. These include:

  • All of the above PPE protocols.




Those classed as clinically vulnerable include, but is not exhaustive: 


  • Those shielding vulnerable family members, front-line NHS staff, carers, and those who have been in contact with anyone suffering from COVID 19.

  • Aged 70 years and above

  • Suppressed immune system

  • Heart and/or respiratory conditions

  • Diabetes

  • BMI over 39

  • Cancer patients


Home visit protocol

Before making your appointment

  • Please make sure you and everyone in your household/support bubble are well, free from any symptoms associated with COVID-19 or cold and/or flu, and not required to self-isolate for any reasons.

  • Please make sure you have a room with sufficient free space and can be well ventilated with fresh air wherever possible. (opened window, doors etc). If you have a garden or an open space outside we can carry out the massage there if you prefer. We can go Al Fresco – weather permitting!

  • If you have recently come back from abroad please wait for 7 days from your return to book an appointment even if you are not showing any COVID 19 symptoms.

24hrs – 48hrs before your appointment: New Consultation/After Care advice process:

  • I will ask you to fill in a consultation form and COVID-19 screening and consent form. The COVID-19 screening and consent form is to be filled each time. I can email you the forms which you can complete and return to me by email.

  • Alternatively if you do not have the facility to fill out the online form I will call you and  I will fill out the forms on your behalf – you will then be required to check and sign the form at your appointment.

  • Depending on Government Guidelines there may be times when the  COVID 19 screening and consultations will be held via Zoom and will be recorded. These will then be saved in a password protected folder on an external drive which will be kept in a locked filing cabinet. If you do not have Zoom then we can use another medium such as Whatsapp, Messenger or the good old telephone!


I will go through the submitted forms prior to our appointment. If I have any concerns I will contact you. This will be the time to discuss any concerns you may have etc. This will also be my opportunity to use my clinical judgement to determine whether going ahead with the massage is appropriate or not. Please do not be offended if I ask you to postpone the session. If I need to do that it will be to ensure both our safety and that of our wider communities.


On the day of your appointment

  • I will now be asking that you provide your own towels. Please make sure that they are big enough to cover your whole body especially when lying on your side.

  • Please make sure that no-one else is going to be in the room where the massage is going to be carried out.

On my way to you

  • I will travel to you using my car. Clean and used linen will be kept in separate to avoid cross contamination.

  • Please let me know if you have your own massage couch if you prefer me to use that instead of mine.

Outside of your door

  • Everything I need will be placed outside your front door

  • I will sanitise my hands.

  • I will be wearing my mask before I enter your home. 

  • I will ask you to be wearing a face mask when you come to the door unless you are exempt from wearing them.

  • I will take your temperature using a contactless thermometer and record the reading on your consultation form.

Setting up

  • I will try not to touch anything unless necessary in your home.

  • If possible I will wash my hands before setting up my equipment. If that’s not possible then I will use hand gel.

  • I will sanitise all the equipment again before starting your treatment including my couch and bolster.

  • I will cover the massage couch with either a PVC or  waterproof cover or disposable cover, then place a clean couch cover on top of that. Couch roll will be placed on top as usual.

  • I will cover the face cradle with a disposable face cradle cover.

  • Once set up I will wash my hands and arms up to the elbow again where possible.

  • Please allow me a small space near the massage couch where I can put my phone (for music), massage wax and spatula, clock, hand sanitiser and alcohol wipes. I will put a disposable paper before placing any of them on your surface.

Before treatment

  • I will respectfully ask you to wash your hands before getting on the massage couch.

  • I will put an apron on and gloves if using them


  • Some time is currently allowed to work around the head, neck and chest area when you are facing up. These areas will mostly be treated in face down, side lying and/or seated position.

  • Please wear a face covering while you are facing up. If you are unable to wear a mask/face covering then we will find a way to work safely – this may mean working more in a side-lying position.

  • Please try not to touch your face during your treatment. You may be asked to use hand sanitiser when you did.

  • The current advice by the Professional Associations is that actual massage time should now be no more than 45 mins. Setting up and setting down will take place outside of this time.

After treatment

  • I will wash my hands while you are getting up and dressed. I will use hand gel if this is not possible.

  • Please do not touch your face until washing your hands.

  • Before packing away my couch and equipment I will sanitise them. Please be advised that I will need a few extra moments to do this.

  • I will put used PPE and waste in a biodegradable plastic bag and tie the top. This will then be placed in a bigger bag and tied.

  • All linens will be placed in a separate bag which will also be tied up. These will be laundered at a high temperature of 60 degrees or more.

  • You may want to consider having a shower after treatment.

  • I will send you follow up message within few days time. I will include any aftercare advice in this as well.

  • Please contact me immediately if you or anyone in your household/support bubble develops symptoms associated with COVID-19 within 7 days from your treatment.


Wherever possible I would appreciate it if you could pay me using my contactless payment card machine or BACS. This will be sanitised after
each use.

If you prefer to pay by cash then I would ask you to put the exact amount into an envelope and present me with that.

Some legal stuff:

As per usual protocol any information from your consultation form – now to include any additional COVID 19 forms – will be kept strictly Private & Confidential. All paperwork is kept in a locked filing cabinet and any ZOOM consultations will be stored in a password protected folder on an external drive which will also be kept under lock and key. This paperwork will not be shared with any 3rd party unless I am required to do so by law.


I will be keeping a record of clients visited for 21 days. In the event that I am contacted by Test and Trace I will provide the names and contact details of all clients that may be affected by a possible outbreak of COVID 19. You do have the right to not have your details passed on. I would strongly encourage you to allow me to pass on your details but if you prefer not to have your details passed on please let me know.




I also now have a Risk Assessment in place. If you would like a copy of this please let me know and I will provide you with one.

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