Massage for women: Treatment Options

Loyalty scheme - 6th massage for 10% discount

Massage is not an alternative to seeking medical attention. Please seek medical advice
if you have undiagnosed symptoms

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Natural Face Lift Massage

1 x 60 mins = £50 | 6 x 60 mins* = £285

This treatment, also known as “rejuvenating facial massage”, involves working with non invasive holistic techniques. Areas worked include the muscles of the face and expressions lines such as crows feet and frown lines. No products or equipment are used during this treatment.

A course of 6 treatments close together (for example once or twice a week) is recommended. After that monthly maintenance is recommended. Results will vary from person to person depending on a number of factors including how hydrated someone is, diet & lifestyle.


Back, Neck, Shoulder Massage and Natural Face Lift Massage Combo 

1 x 90 mins = £80 | 6 x 90 mins* = £465

Ease away tense and aching muscles whilst enjoying deep relaxing by combining the benefits of a Back, Neck and Shoulder massage with a Natural Face Lift Massage.

30 mins of stress releasing Back, Neck and Shoulder massage followed by 60 mins Natural Face Lift Massage for the ultimate relaxation package.

Remedial Massage

1 x 60 mins = £50 | 6 x 60 mins* = £285
1 x 90 mins = £80 | 6 x 90 mins* = £465

This massage is beneficial in helping to assist in the rehabilitation of muscular injuries or pain. It is usual to focus on a particular area that is causing pain or discomfort as opposed to a full body massage. Session can be a bit uncomfortable as we work towards eliminating trigger points that may have formed in the muscles and as such can be slightly painful at times.
Orthopaedic assessments tests are sometimes performed to try and establish the muscles involved.


Deep Tissue Massage

1 x 60 mins = £50 | 6 x 60 mins* = £285
1 x 90 mins = £80 | 6 x 90 mins* = £465

This massage technique focuses on the deeper layers of muscles. Slower and deeper strokes are used throughout the massage. Forearms and elbows are also used to perform some of the strokes.
Deep Tissue Massage can be effective in releasing
muscle tension.
Benefits of Deep Tissue Massage may include the softening of hard fibrous muscles and "knots". This massage requires you to remove clothing and wax
will be used.

Indian Head Massage

1 x 60 mins = £50 | 6 x 60 mins* = £285

Known as the great stress buster, Indian Head Massage is a relaxing but invigorating massage that is based on the Ayurvedic approach to balancing mind, body & spirit as well as health.
During a session the areas worked are the upper back, shoulders, arms, neck, face and scalp. 
Indian Head Massage is a non-invasive massage that is performed with the client fully clothed in a seated position.

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hot stone massage_edited.jpg

Heated Bamboo Massage

1 x 60 mins = £60 | 6 x 60 mins* = £345

This massage involves the use of bamboo sticks of various lengths and thickness which are heated thereby enabling the practitioner to work at a deeper level then traditional massage using a variety of massage strokes.
The bamboo is able to repel bacteria & retain heat. 
This massage requires you to remove clothing and 
massage wax is used.

Hot Stone Massage

1 x 60 mins = £60 | 6 x 60 mins* = £345

Hot Stone Massage is a deeply relaxing therapeutic massage that uses iron-rich basalt volcanic stones pre-heated to a safe but effective temperature. These are then used by the practitioner throughout the massage. The muscles are warmed by the heat from the stones enabling the practitioner to work at a deeper level then traditional massage.
This massage requires you to remove clothing and massage

wax is used.

Spa Time

Holistic Therapeutic Massage

1 x 60 mins = £50 | 6 x 60 mins* = £285
1 x 90 mins = £80 | 6 x 90 mins* = £465

Based on the principles of Swedish massage a variety of massage strokes are used to work over the muscles and potentially iron out any areas of tension. This massage is designed to be therapeutic thereby encouraging relaxation.
As with other types of massage, Holistic therapeutic massage works on all the systems of the body.
This massage requires you to remove clothing and massage

wax is used.

Pregnancy Massage

1 x 60 mins = £50.00 | 6 x 60 mins = £285.00*

During pregnancy your body undergoes many great changes and stresses. This often results in physical pain such as back ache, hip pain etc.

Most women will also experience emotional stress linked to body image, anxiety of impending motherhood, expectations placed on them etc.


Pregnancy massage is designed to take all these factors into account. Typically pregnancy massage is 60mins long (including consultation) and is carried out in a side lying position on a massage couch. You will be supported with pillows for your enhanced comfort and draping will be used throughout to maintain your dignity.

Every massage will be tailored to your own individual needs at that time. This massage is suitable for both pre and post massage ladies.

Pamper Parties

Please contact me for prices

Celebrating a special occasion, Hen night,  or just want to enjoy a relaxing fun filled time with friends? Then why not turn your get together into the ultimate girls' event.

Pamper parties are a great alternative way to enjoy good company whilst receiving a massage of your choice regardless of whether you get together mid-week, week end or in the evening.


Each Pamper Party is tailored to suit your own specific requirements. Sessions can range from a quick 15 minutes per person to a complete chill out 60 minutes per person. So why not call and book your pamper party today? As the hostess you can look forward to a free 15 minute session of your choice as a special thank you from Simply Hers. It may be possible to also arrange for a beauty therapist to come along as well to provide mini facials and/or gel polish. Please ask at time of enquiry if you would like anything else.


Sessions: Minimum 2 hours


*Packages Terms and Conditions:
Must be paid for upfront and in full. Valid for 6 months from date of purchase. Any unused sessions after 6 months may be forfeited. All 6 treatments must be for the same time length as the package time paid for. Cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer. Not transferable. Can be bought as a gift subject to the recipient living within areas covered by Simply Hers. Non refundable. Only available for mobile visits.